SCCCE has inaugurated a platform for business collaboration between international and local businesses through the Business Enterprise Forum featuring talks by successful businessmen. At the same time, SCCCE also promotes corporate social responsibility and encourage businesses to contribute to the needy in the society through the Business Enterprise Forum, Cultural and Arts Festival, and the President’s Challenge Charity Dinner.


The SCCCE Business Enterprise Forum is a platform for local, China and international businesses and organizations to interact and share business experiences. The Forum brings successful and inspiring businessmen together on how to leverage on the changing market dynamics to propel their businesses forward into the region and international markets through collaboration. Each year, the Business Enterprise Forum will feature successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and professionals on the stage who will share their experiences, knowledge and know-how. A platform for businesses to network, the Business Enterprise Forum has helped many to open new markets in China and in the region since its inauguration in 2007. Join us and be part of this growing network to give your business an edge over others!


Innovation is the key to business success today. As the market evolves, every business must evolve not just for survival but also to meet new market demands and changes. With every evolution, doors are opened for businesses to expand locally and overseas. One such market change is the “One Belt, One Road” policy. With the “One Belt, One Road” policy linking every business on the map has opened up many opportunities with physical infrastructure put in place in Asia by China with its collaborators. This has in turn allowed for digitalisation to be set in place as communication becomes available. Known as the Digital Silk Road, the digital infrastructure is the gate to new business ideas, new evolutions, and new connection.

Together with the implementation of the Digital Silk Road initiative, the market sees an upsurge in the growth of entrepreneurs where digital technologies are concerned. Start-ups with new business ventures have been on the upswing where many seized the business opportunities to meet market needs and fill the gaps in the marketplace, which was not possible until the rolling in of the digital technologies now. With this the governments in Asia is advocating and stepping up the development of digital innovation as one of their growth strategies and encouraging local businesses and entrepreneurs to do the same.

How can businesses and entrepreneurs capitalize on the Chinese Digital Silk Road initiative? Projects can be categorized under three areas:

  1. Telecommunications Infrastructure
  2. eCommerce Setups
  3. Smart City Projects

Not losing the opportunity to grow internationally, Chinese businessmen have launched IT initiative projects building IT platforms to support their operations and business growth. With their resourcefulness, these Chinese companies have leaped into projects with innovations and creativity.

The China’s Digital Silk Road is poised to be the next big focal point in the market. As the hard infrastructure is being built across the Eurasian supercontinent and beyond, the digital component of laying down fiber optic cables and satellites, as well as other hard infrastructures to support the information and communications technology business, particularly 5G, is the next big topic. With this, issues such as digital governance, digital issues, digital hardwares, etc are topics of discussion and concerns. All these and more are topics that will be presented and discussed during the 9th SCCCE Enterprise Forum with panel of speakers who have ventured into the Digital Story.

Through the Enterprise Forum, the panel of speakers will share their experiences and the journey of they bring their companies into the Digital Story with success, as well as the prospects of bringing the SG brands internationally. Through the exchanges and dialogues in the Enterprise Forum, Singapore companies can expect to find practical advice, strategies and partnerships among the companies participating in the Enterprise Forum.

29 JULY 2019


09:oo – 09:30

Registraion   登记入场

09:3o – 09:35

Welcome Message by SCCCE Organizing Committee Chairperson, Ms Claire Chng


09:35 – 10:00

Digital Silk Road Marketwise in 2019

Economist Mr Song Seng Wun, CIMB Private Banking

2019 年数字丝绸之路的市场化

宋生武先生 经济学家


29 JULY 2019


10:oo – 10:20

IBM Digital Transformation

Mr Abraham Thomas, Managing Director

IBM Singapore

IBM 数字化转型

亚伯拉罕·托马斯 先生, 总经理

IBM 新加坡

10:2o – 10:40

Financial Innovation, Transformation

Mdm Li Ran, Chairman

Golden Bridge United Financial Leasing Co. Ltd


李然女士, 董事长


10:2o – 10:40

Tea Break   茶歇

29 JULY 2019


11:oo – 11:15

Mr Xiao Jianghua, Director

Singapore China Cultural Center and China Tourism Office (Singapore)

肖江华 , 主任


11:15 – 11:30

Hong Jing

VP, United Overseas Bank

SMEs in Building Efficient Digital Business Solutions

Hong Jing



11:3o – 11:45

Challenges in Digitalization

Mr Teo Ser Luck



11:45 – 13:00

Group Discussions & Q&As

企业家分享交流, 问答



    that was an awesome event

    The SCCCE is the first “One Belt, One Road” policy seminar I have attended. The seminar has provided many information on the policy, challenges and opportunities that we can tap on for my company’s growth and collaboration with the China markets.

    Laura Lee
    Business Development Director, Foodtech

    Very Informative Seminar

    The Business Enterprise Forum is a very informative event. The “One Belt, One Road” policy has opened up many many opportunities connecting businesses together in this silk road journey. My greatest takeaway is learning from the challenges of those who have gone ahead of my company. Definitely have some great ideas that we can explore after attending the talks in this forum.

    Rebekah Seragih
    Creative Director, Adonai Studio