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Bringing Businesses of the Same Goals Togther for Good Works

Singapore Chinese Cultural Calligraphy Art Awards & Enterprise Forum (SCCCE) is an annual business cum charity event in its 14th year running. SCCCE has inaugurated a platform for business collaboration between international and local businesses through the Business Enterprise Forum featuring talks by successful businessmen. At the same time, SCCCE also promotes corporate social responsibility and encourage businesses to contribute to the needy in the society through the Cultural and Arts Festival and the President’s Challenge Charity Dinner.

About Us

Art Festival Competition

This is the 14th Anniversary of the SCCCE (Singapore Chinese Culture & Calligraphy Art Exhibition) Art Awards and Festival. It is a platform to showcase talents and works of well-known artists, art lovers and students – from local and international scenes. It is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together to interact; share their experiences and exchange ideas and knowledge. Over the years, to reach our goal of “arts and culture for all”, we have been showcasing numerous art forms and crafted a record-breaking activity, “Colours of Chinese Calligraphy”. Our hope has been to embrace and spread Chinese culture by appealing to the young artists in our midst.





动不仅将中西绘画、书法、舞蹈演艺及其他艺术融合在一 起。也是一个艺术交流的桥梁,一个奉献爱心的平台,至今已为 新加坡“总统慈善挑战”筹得超过一百万新币的善款,让公益与艺术 同行。

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Enterprise Forum 

The SCCCE Business Enterprise Forum is a platform for local, China and international businesses and organizations to interact and share business experiences. The Forum brings successful and inspiring businessmen together on how to leverage on the changing market dynamics to propel their businesses forward into the region and international markets through collaboration. Through the Enterprise Forum, the panel of speakers will share their experiences and the journey of they bring their companies into the “One Belt, One Road” policy’s Digital Story with success. Through the exchanges and dialogues in the Forum, Singapore companies can expect to find practical advice, strategies and partnerships among the companies participating in the Enterprise Forum.


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President’s Challenge Charity Dinner

SCCCE also promotes corporate social responsibility and encourage businesses to contribute to the needy in the society through the President’s Challenge Charity Gala Dinner. The President’s Challenge is a movement to support people in needs through the generous donations and kindness of people and organizations. Proceeds from SCCCE President’s Challenge Charity Gala Dinner will go to support the beneficiaries under the President’s Challenge Funds. 


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SCCCE has come a long way. Here are just some of our event highlights.